10 Sustainable Renovation Ideas

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10 Sustainable Renovation Ideas

House renovations” and “sustainable” are terms that don’t go together as often as they should. “Renovations” has the connotation of discarding the old to make room for the new; of getting rid of outdated stuff. In short, everything opposite of sustainable.
But the two terms don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It’s perfectly achievable to complete your home renovations or extensions with minimal impact to the environment and maximum impact on a sustainable lifestyle. All it takes is a little innovation. Check out our top 10 ideas for sustainable renovations below, or contact our renovation builders in Brisbane for more great renovation ideas.

1. Re-use materials

Re-use materials that you’ve ripped up, smashed down or torn off. Get creative inventing new uses for old materials and shop around to find second hand bits and pieces you can use in your renovations. Salvaged pieces are great way to add character, too!

2. Shop around for sustainable materials

Use wood (or bamboo) from sustainable sources for framing and flooring. Use low- or zero-VOC paints and adhesives free from formaldehyde.

3. Install solar panels

Install solar panels to make the most of the sun’s clean, sustainable energy – and reduce your power bills while you’re at it! While the upfront costs might be high, the return on investment comes around quickly as your power bills drop significantly.

4. Install a rainwater tank

Harvest rainwater to minimise your use of town water. You can use rainwater to water the garden and connect to your laundry for use in the washing machine and sink for jobs that don’t require potable water. Bonus: this will help reduce your water bills!

5. Have materials assessed for hazardous substances

Older houses can contain toxic substances like asbestos, lead-based paint and contaminated dust. These substances are bio-hazards and need to be professionally cleared by licensed removalists. Don’t try to clear materials yourself before having them assessed – it could be detrimental to your health, your neighbours’ health and the environment.

6. Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances

Step up to a 6-star energy rating home by making smart investments in electricals. Energy efficient lighting will greatly reduce your energy use and your power bills.

7. Don’t forget to insulate

Good insulation will help with temperature control to save you turning on the heating and cooling too frequently.

8. Plant a self-sustaining garden

If you need to update your garden when renovating, make sure you plant one that survives on rain water alone.

9. Minimise construction waste

Choose environmentally aware renovation builders in Brisbane who will minimise construction waste. Talk to them about when they can reuse building materials and make sure they are set up to separate general waste from recyclables and will recycle unusable materials.

10. Look for home renovation builders with a portfolio of eco-friendly renovations

The friendly renovation builders at Abode Construction have extensive experience delivering quality sustainable home renovations and extensions. Get in touch to discuss your project or check out our portfolio of renovation projects here.

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