One Storey vs. Two Storey Extensions

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One Storey vs. Two Storey Extensions

Are you thinking of extending your home but not sure whether to build up or outward? Deciding between a one or two storey extension is a big decision, with lots of considerations. Aside from your own aesthetic preference, there may be logistical factors that determine which is the best option for you. Take a look at the one storey and two storey house extension choices below to learn more about your options.

Adding One Storey House Extensions

Adding a ground level house extension is a popular option among homeowners, largely because of the minimal disruption and lower cost compared to adding an extra storey. Unlike second storey renovations, it’s unlikely you’ll have to find alternative accommodation when you extend your home at ground floor level. Your house extension builders will discuss options for securing any open or exposed walls to keep your home liveable throughout the build.

Another thing to keep in mind with one storey house extensions is the intrusion they’ll have on the yard. If you live in a four-bedroom Queenslander on a good-sized block, space might not be an issue. But if you’re renovating an inner city townhouse with a tiny garden, or even a suburban home with a small yard, the loss of yard space could affect the value of the property as well as your ability to enjoy the outdoors.

It’s worth weighing up the loss of space outside against the addition of space inside. For example, an extra bedroom is likely to add significant value to your home, but if it takes up the entire outdoor space, it might not be worth it. If you’re adding a small sunroom or ensuite that doesn’t really compromise the size of the yard, you’re probably in the clear. Just remember that potential buyers are looking at other properties too, and a house of similar size and value with a larger garden is much more appealing.

Adding Second Storey House Extensions

Second storey house extensions are a bit trickier, and usually a bit more costly. This is because all or part of the roof needs to be removed to make way for the added storey. You could up bearing extra costs for the reinforcement of lower storeys to make them strong enough to carry the extra weight, too. To find out whether this is the case, you’ll need to engage a building inspector to assess the strength of the existing structure.

As well as the extra costs of reinforcing the building, you might need to find alternative accommodation for your family during the build. If the extensions consist of a full second storey that covers all or most of the first storey, you won’t be able to live at the property for the whole duration of the renovations. However, if the build consists of adding a couple of dormer windows in the attic, your renovation builders might be able to cover it so your daily life is not so disrupted.

If you’re looking for great house extensions ideas, head to Abode Construction’s Extensions page to check out our portfolio, or contact our experienced house extension builders in Brisbane.

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