"Walking into this house that first day, we knew we were home. That feeling was special"



Abode Construction Clients Tim and Mel


Tim and Mel engaged Abode Construction over 8 years ago to undertake a renovation on their Albion home. They were so happy with our work, they came back 8 years later for their next home!

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Tim and Mel have been married for over 20 years and have two young boys. Currently, they live in Norman Park in their dream home.


Tim and Mel bought their first home in 2010 in Albion, Brisbane. It was a small two bedroom home that needed a renovation to cater for their growing family. After a successful first renovation, Tim and Mel dediced to build their dream home with the help of Abode Construction.


Justin and the team at Abode Construction delivered not once, but twice! Tim and Mel both describe their current home as their "dream home" and couldn't recommend Abode Construction higher.




At Abode Construction, our mission is to turn your house into a home, a sanctuary tailored to your unique vision and needs. Tim and Mel’s story perfectly encapsulates this mission, showcasing how a trusted partnership and expert craftsmanship can transform living spaces.

Back in 2010, Tim and Mel purchased a quaint two-bedroom Queenslander in North Brisbane, knowing it would be their first canvas for making a house truly their own. With big dreams but no immediate plans for expansion, the couple kept an eye out for the right builder to bring their vision to life. It wasn’t long before they noticed signs for Abode Construction in their neighbourhood.

"We wanted to do a renovation... Justin from Abode was definitely the most thorough”

As their family grew, so did their need for space, leading them to a new property in 2021 that was ripe for transformation. Tim shares, “We came across this old house in Gordon Park, fell in love with it and knew we’d have to do some major work to it.” Once again, they turned to Abode Construction. The decision to reengage with our team for a second, more ambitious project speaks volumes of the confidence and satisfaction our clients feel towards our handling of their dreams.

Justin’s approach at Abode Construction is not just about building or renovating houses; it’s about crafting customized homes that resonate with the lives of our clients.

"Justin came and met with us... broke down every little detail, which was easy for us to understand where that money was going.”

This level of detail and transparency is a cornerstone of our process, ensuring that every client feels informed and confident throughout their journey with us. The project completion was a testament to the seamless and stress-free experience that Abode Construction strives to provide.

"This was definitely a whole other level of satisfaction. The first one was great, but this was definitely home”

At Abode Construction, we pride ourselves on not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is echoed in the smooth execution of every project. Tim’s parting advice to prospective home renovators speaks to the essence of our client relationships

"Meet, meet, meet with your builder... Don’t go in blind.”

It’s an invitation to experience the Abode Construction difference, where every step of the journey is guided by expertise, integrity, and a deep commitment to making your dream home a reality.


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